Nectris Labs

Nectris Labs specializes in processing premium quality hemp into natural cannabinoid compounds. Our mission is to provide high quality non-psychoactive, industrial hemp, hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts, and private label products. We maintain the highest possible quality control standards throughout our supply chain. Every product entering and leaving our lab goes through rigorous testing for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, and more. We are fully prepared for FDA compliance (once it is established for the hemp industry). Nectris Labs operates in a 10,000 sqft. non-psychoactive hemp extraction, distillation, isolation, nano-emulsification, and product manufacturing laboratory in Daytona Beach, Florida. We maintain the highest standards of quality control in the industry, using rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process with our state certified lab partners. Due to the dynamic nature of the hemp industry, we are intimately involved in as many steps of the chain of custody as possible. Nectris Labs ensures quality throughout the entire supply chain, from placing ideal genetics with our growing and contracting of hemp biomass to our extraction, post-processing, and product manufacturing. Nectris Labs offers clear transparency to help companies navigate this dynamic industry.


Nectris Labs both grows hemp and carefully sources hemp from our State Certified partners. In 2019, Nectris Labs and partners grew 211 acres of USDA Organic hemp certified under the CCOF. We are always conscious to maintain the highest standards of quality control with the product we grow and source, tracking the supply chain from fertilizer to rigorous lab testing of the harvest.

Extraction & Processing

Nectris Labs uses a cryogenic ethanol extraction to create the highest quality hemp-derived extracts. Our products undergo rigorous lab testing exceed the highest standards of quality control in the industry.

Private Labeling

Nectris Labs offers a wide variety of hemp-derived retail products, ready to be labeled for your brand. Every product we make must undergo both in-house and third-party lab testing before being released. It is the priority of Nectris Labs to exceed the standard practices of the industry and offer the highest quality CBD products to our clients.

Toll Processing

Nectris Labs offers toll processing services to farms, hemp extraction facilities, and others. Our 10,000 sqft. facility has the capability to offer toll processing services in hemp extraction, solvent recovery, fractional distillation, CBD crystallization, THC-Remediation, and Nano-Emulsification.

How We’re Different


1 Nectris Labs is dedicated to educating our clients in all aspects of the hemp and hemp-derived product space. Our team is deeply experienced in every aspect of the supply chain and is excited to share out knowledge with our clients. We are available to answer any and all questions.

Custom Formulas

2 Nectris Labs offers our clients the ability to create customized products specifically formulated for your brand's target audience. We have the capability to infuse any of our products with additional minor cannabinoids, terpenes, nutraceutical ingredients, essential oils, and more.

Customer Service

2 Nectris Labs believes in providing the highest quality customer service in the hemp and CBD industry. Our clients are of the utmost importance to what we do. As such, we provide easy access to our company via phone, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.